Frequently Asked Questions

12/1/21 Due to the daily changes in rules, regulations and guidance, please see postings at the facility for updates moving forward. We will notify representatives of an outbreak using an automated ‘robocall’ service.


We had a staff member test positive 10/1. She had very little resident contact. We did test the entire building and there were no other positives. If you did not get the “robocall” please let us know so we can update your contact information.


Hello! The facility remains covid free. Please continue to follow the pop-up on visitation. Yes, we ask that you continue to get tested before visiting.


The facility hasn’t had any Covid in over 7 months. We are still asking all visitors to get swabbed regardless of your vaccination status. We will provide free tests Tues, Weds, Thurs 10am-2pm. You do not need an appt to get tested. You do need an appointment to visit. Please call reception to make an appointment to visit. Two visitors at a time and all visits should occur in the dining room unless approved otherwise by nursing. Please get vaccinated! For yourself, the residents, and your family. We offer it to family members at no charge.

9/29/20 –
Visiting times will be changing to better accommodate visitors Oct 1st. All visits are 30 minutes please. Please call Cynthia, do not email her. That way we can give times in the order of the requests.
518-449-1100 x3519.
Monday-Friday 10:00am, 10:45am, 11:30am, 5:15pm.
Sat & Sun 10:00am, 10:45am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 2:30pm.
Under 18 is allowed now with a negative test.
SUNY Albany is testing the public. Call 888-364-3065 for a date and time to test.
Thanks, jim


9/16/20  Visitation Update:

Persons under 18 are prohibited at this time.

All visitors must present a copy of a negative COVID test from the prior 7 days before visiting


I’m thrilled to report we have been 28 days without a positive case. We will start outside visits on 9/11. Visitors will be required to follow all rules, sign an agreement, and be extremely careful to protect our residents.

This form will be provided when you come to the building and it constitutes our visitation “plan” 

All visitors must read this prior to scheduled visitation

  • Visitation will only take place outside on the front patio for the time being. We will notify you by phone if the visit needs to be canceled for weather or other reasons.
  • Visitation will take place by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call Cynthia at 518-449-1100 ext. 3519 or email @ A request is only confirmed when you receive a response from one of these sources only.
  • Appointments can be made five (5) days per week, Sunday – Thursday during the one (1) hour time slots here:

10:00am – 11:00am       2:00pm – 3:00pm     5:15pm – 6:15pm

  • Each resident is only allowed (2) visitors during this one hour time slot. One must be 18+.
  • Multiple day appointment bookings will not be allowed. Please book an appointment and after it takes place, you can then book again.
  • Each visitor with a scheduled and confirmed appointment will come to our main entrance first to be screened. If you fail to meet the appropriate temperature check or fail the questionnaire you will not be allowed to visit.
  • At this time you will be provided with this and other fact sheets outlining visitor expectations, including appropriate hand hygiene and face coverings
  • Your face mask must cover both your nose and mouth at all times
  • You will be assigned a particular station for your visitation period. Our staff will set you up in this designated station that allows for 6ft social distancing.
  • Prior to the visit, hand hygiene will take place for both the resident and visitor(s) with an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • 6ft distance MUST be maintained with residents and visitors at all times, visitors must stay in their designated station at all times. Physical contact is not allowed per DOH regulations.
  • If any visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, he/she/they will be prohibited from visiting for the duration of the COVID-19 state declared public health emergency.
  • Visitors cannot bring any outside items or food in for their loved ones/residents.
  • Current residents who are in a 14-day quarantine/observation or who are exhibiting any signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 are unfortunately not eligible for visits.
  • After each hour visitation time slot, the chairs, table and any other objects will be sanitized.
  • You must agree to notify us immediately if you come down with symptoms or become COVID positive over the next 14 days.


August 10, 2020

Dear Resident/Staff/Designated Representatives,

While we all continue to fight the virus, there have been some good developments in New York. According to the Governor and news reports, new cases of COVID have dropped significantly in the state. Businesses are opening back up and life is getting back to some level of normality. We need to remain vigilant to prevent resurgence in cases.

As a healthcare facility in New York, we also continue to work hard to protect our residents and staff.  We continue to screen all employees upon entry, we are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with all resident interactions, and unfortunately, we continue to restrict visitation to the building.

The facility is aware of recent Department of Health updated regulations which allow for family visits to nursing homes in certain circumstances. Each facility is required to follow DOH regulations. At this time, the facility has not met the requirement to be COVID free for employees for a 28 day period. Fortunately, we have not had any residents diagnosed in over 28 days, but in order to restart visits, it needs to be both residents and staff.

It is our goal to open back up for visits as soon as possible. We understand how hard this must be for families. We take our responsibility to protect the residents very seriously and have no choice but to remain closed at this time. Please remember to call the activities department to set up a Skype video or phone visit anytime.

And finally, as always, please keep yourself safe too. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and avoiding large groups will help you avoid infection.

If you have any questions or want additional information please feel free to reach out to the social work department or myself.


James Caligiuri


Visit our Facebook page for more information about the status of the facility!


Q. What is the current status of COVID in the building? : We are happy to report that most of our residents who were diagnosed with the virus have recovered. Recovery is based on the resident having two negative tests in a row. We have not had any new cases of the virus in staff or residents in over 3 weeks. We continue with restrictions on visitation and access to the building but hope to be able to restart visits (with limitations) soon. The CDC has put out guidance on some reopening measures but the NYS Dept of Health has yet to issue guidance. Thank you for all the well wishers and appreciation that has been shown to our employees. It keeps us going!

Q. Update on Facility.: First and foremost, we want to acknowledge that this has certainly been a trying time for all parties involved. We are forever grateful to our employees at Hudson Park for their tireless dedication to ensuring optimal resident health and overall well being before and during the pandemic. There is a selflessness and sensibility not found anywhere else except by those who care for the most vulnerable people.   It is with the combined effort of the nursing, social work, housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, and administrative departments at Hudson Park that our residents continue to remain healthy with a smile on their faces amidst the worst healthcare crisis to face our country. We also want to extend our deepest gratitude to the families of our residents who have sacrificed visits with their loved ones to protect the health and safety of not only their loved ones, but also all other residents in our nursing home

Q. What are you doing to protect the residents from COVID?

A. Please know the facility is in constant contact with the Department of Health and we are following recommendations of both the DOH and CMS. The safety of your loved ones and our staff is paramount to what we do. We are restricting visitation, restricting vendor access, screening all employees daily, screening all residents daily and wearing masks at all times. We are constantly educating staff and running drills on how to handle the virus if someone is diagnosed. Please feel free to call us with any questions! Phone numbers and emails are on the ‘staff’ page. Thank you and please Stay Safe!

Q. How can I stay in touch with my loved one while visits are restricted?

A. We would love to have you stop by and do a ‘window visit’ with your loved one. You would stay outside and we will bring the resident to the window. You can talk over the phone while seeing them in person. We also would like to hear from you on our Facebook page. Finally, our activities department is happy to do Skype, Video conferences, phone calls, or help with other contact methods. We’re happy to help with writing materials and postage if your loved one would like to write you a letter.

Q. How do I place someone in your facility?
A. Please call our facility to schedule a tour and complete an application for admission. We will need to obtain medical information from the prospective resident’s physician or hospital discharge planner.

Q. Does the facility accept Medicare and/or Medicaid are they different?
A. Yes. Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is approved to accept Medicare, Medicaid as well as other private insurances. Medicare is a federally funded insurance program that pays for certain health care services for individuals over the age of 65. Medicaid is a state and federally funded welfare program designed as a supplement when an individual’s private financial resources have been exhausted.

Q. What types of rooms are available for the residents?
A. We offer private rooms as well as semi-private rooms.

Q. Can the residents/family members bring in personal belongings/decorations for the resident’s room?
A. We highly encourage this as it helps individualize each residents stay and promotes an even greater home-like atmosphere.

Q. Can pets come to visit at the facility?
A. Yes. Pets are allowed to visit the facility under certain circumstances. Current shot records must be provided prior to visiting. Please ask about pet visitation guidelines.

Q. Are Beauty shop services offered?
A. Yes. Beautician services are offered 4 days per week by licensed Beauticians.

Q. Does your facility belong to any recognized organizations?
A. Yes. New York State Health Facilities Association and American Healthcare Association.

Q. Are you a publicly owned facility? No. Hudson Park is privately owned and owned by E. Steif, U. Koenig, and D. Camerota.