COVID update

We are very proud to report that the staff at Hudson Park have climbed to the status of heroes by working tirelessly to fight the battle against COVID 19. Here at Hudson Park, our staff are driven by purpose to improve the quality of life for every person who comes through our doors and elevate the communities we touch. It can be a frightening prospect to be a patient in a hospital during the pandemic who needs nursing home care following discharge from the hospital and it can be a tremendously helpless feeling to put your well being and the well being of your loved ones in the hands of people you don’t know. It is our mission at Hudson Park to turn a potentially traumatic experience into a warm memory, where strangers become family.


As one of our family members eloquently quoted, “We have witnessed the courageous, hardworking, and dedicated heroes in our nursing homes in the Capital District over the past 2 months.  The other heroes who haven’t been recognized are the families of our residents.  They too are true heroes during these unprecedented times.  They have sacrificed visits with their loved ones in order to keep them safe.   It’s been a trying time for everyone”- Joseph Condon, wife of Kathleen Condon.

Very good

“The Hudson Park staff treated me very well and got me stronger to be able to go home. They care about the success of their patients.” J.M.

Would Recommend

“I would recommend Hudson Park because of the outgoing staff and nice residents whom I made friendships with and I’m going to miss.” Francis R. 09/19/19


“Hudson Park is an excellent place to rehabilitate yourself with physical and occupational therapy so you can return home safely and independent” George S. 9/10/19

Enjoyed stay

“I enjoyed my stay at Hudson Park because it is clean and feels like home and the staff are great.” Sally B. 3/19/19

Stay was Wonderful

“Hudson Park and its staff as a whole, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, dietary, social work, and admissions…made my stay surprisingly wonderful and it was an excellent experience. Dawn M.9/25/18

Would recommend

“I would recommend Hudson park if you need rehab because the building is filled with wonderful staff who are all very nice and caring.” Janice M 4/9/18

Great facility

“Hudson Park is a great facility to come for rehab with great therapy staff and nursing staff who care about their patients and set them up for success!” A.C. 2/22/18

Very nice

“Staff treats you with kindness and are caring. They treat you like family.” Mattie Y.

Very positive

“Facility has a poor reputation in the community, but my Aunt’s experience has been positive and my experience for my Aunt has been top notch with great staff, who are very kind and very professional. I am a nursing professional and the staff at Hudson Park make the facility shine thru the construction process.” K.F. 1/29/18


“Hudson Park has wonderful staff who are kind and provide great care.” Kevin B 10/11/17

Would Recommend

“The staff at Hudson Park is wonderful, attentive, kind, caring, and provide excellent care putting the patient and their needs first. It was a wonderful place that I would recommend.” Elaine B. 10/2/17

Would Recommend

“I would recommend Hudson Park because the staff pays attention to your needs and fulfills them in a quick and positive manner.” Gregory D 07/18/17


“The general concern, patience, professionalism, positive attitudes and caring staff at Hudson Park made my rehab stay a five star experience.”

Jack F 6/6/17


“My stay at Hudson Park was an enlightening experience. The things you hear in the community are not what you experience at HP. The staff pay attention to the little things and treat patients with respect and compassion.”

Hector J 6/14/17

Great Rehab.

“Great Rehab Team! My 91 year old father made great progress while there.”

Michael C. 6/12/17

Great Care

“If you’re looking for great care by staff who’re attentive, polite, and caring, then you should go to Hudson Park!” Susan T.

May 15, 2017


“Building staff is very good. Kind and treats you well. The care given is great.” H.G. 4/4/17

Very good care

“Physical therapy and the nursing staff are very good at Hudson Park and provide very good care to their patients.” H. McG 5/4/17

Pleasant Stay

“My stay has been pleasant. Nurses, aides, PT and OT staff was very good and inspirational. I was shown the right way of doing things, and doing them on my own correctly. My weakened arm can do twice as much as it used to already.” M. Wagner 03/23/17


“Staff treats you with kindness and are caring. They treat you like family.” M. Yarrell 03/29/17


“The nursing staff and aides were fantastic and always willing to help.” D.M. 02/2017

Staff was Wonderful

“The building staff was wonderful, accommodating, and very good.” R.B. 02/17